Hi! I'm Tracy. :)

My passion is taking photos! Not just any photos- I love taking pictures of people, especially during significantly joyful times in their lives! I love photos that can re-tell the story of a moment and take a person back to exactly how they felt on the day it was taken! I love to capture life.

My husband is my biggest supporter! He encourages me to be a better photographer, a better mom and a better person! We have three amazing daughters who keep us very busy!  We also have a granddaughter who is the absolute joy of our lives!  I adore my little family more than anything else in this world.

I am a Christ follower and know that He has blessed me abundantly in every way! I am humbled and thankful.

I love making new friends! I would love to meet you and chat about how I can help you capture the special moments in your life!

Today can never be relived!