Tips for GREAT Engagement Photos!


I'm so excited about your upcoming Engagement Photo Session!  I hope you are too!  We will have lots of FUN during your photo shoot, but it's good to be prepared and know what to expect ahead of time!  

Typically, we will be walking around and taking your photo in a few different locations, in several different poses- sometimes you'll be looking at the camera, sometimes interacting with each other.  I will capture many different combinations of the two of you- but if you have anything specific in mind, just ask!

Personal items or props are always welcome!  For example, you could bring something special that is a reminder of your relationship or how you met. Perhaps there is an activity you enjoy together or a sport or team that you both follow- you could include some aspect of that in a few photos.  Really, anything that represents your unique personality as a couple adds a personal and fun aspect to your photos. If you have any sort of prop that you would like to include in your photos, just let me know!

It's important that you take good care of yourself before and during the photo shoot.  Here are some basic tips that you should remember:

  • SLEEP! Make sure you both get plenty of sleep the night before your photo session so that you will look fresh and won't have bags under your eyes. 

  • EAT!  Nothing makes a person grouchier than an empty belly, so if you want to see great smiles, be sure to have something to eat before your session!! Often times your session is scheduled around a meal time. It's a great idea to go out to eat together after the session since you're probably going to be all dressed up!  But please please please make sure you don't show up to your session hungry!

  • DRINK! People look their best when they are well hydrated!  Drink plenty of water in the days approaching your shoot.  Feel free to bring a bottle of water to the shoot, because you may get thirsty. Believe me, it’s more challenging work than you would expect!

  • PRIMPING! Take extra time to get ready for your photos. This applies to guys too!  Pay attention to every detail, such as having clean (or polished) nails, hair sprayed enough that it will stay in place, and clean, pressed clothing that doesn't reveal your underclothes. Ladies, make sure that your face make-up is blended into your neck so that when you look in the mirror your neck is not too white. Consider having your make-up done professionally if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself.  Bring chapstick or lip gloss to keep your lips moist.
  • BE ON TIME!  Actually, be a few minutes early!  Oftentimes, I've chosen your photo session time with the best possible natural lighting in mind.  If you are late, your session may be cut short and we won't be able to take the most advantage of the day!


 Clothing tips...

Your clothing choices will make a huge impact on how great your photos turn out!  Here are some tips to get you thinking!

  • You want to be coordinated, but not matchy-matchy (no more “put everyone in white shirts and jeans!")  Instead, mix and match solids and prints and complementary color patterns!!  Be bold, but be yourselves! 

  • Use layers- like jackets, sweaters, and scarves to add color and depth! Don't forget to incorporate jewelry and other accessories to complete your look.

  • I usually tell ladies to pick their outfits and accessories first, and then find something that your guy can wear to compliment your outfit!  

  • Search Pinterest or Google for “Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas.”  

  • Consider how you might be using your photos.  If you plan to display your photos in your home, keep your home decor in mind.  If you will be using them for "Save the Date" announcements or Wedding Invitations, consider your wedding theme and colors. 

  • Make sure you will be comfortable in whatever clothing you choose, otherwise, it will show in your photos!  

  • It’s likely that we will do lots of walking during the shoot.  Choose shoes that are comfortable, but remember that your shoes will also be photographed, so they need to be thoughtfully considered as well!

  • Some couples like to wear two different outfits to express different sides of themselves.  Some choose a dressy, more formal look and then change into a casual, relaxed look.  Others choose to wear clothing based on the different locations they select.  Keep in mind that if you decide to change, we will need to build some time to change into our schedule. 


Most of all RELAX and be ready to HAVE FUN!!! 

This is a special moment in your life so enjoy it! Don’t stress about every detail of the photos or what angle is best or if your hair is out of place. Your relationship is the most important thing that we will capture!  Don't be afraid to be yourselves- be a little silly together!  Try to ignore the camera and focus on each other! Feel free to flirt a little bit while I'm taking photos, kiss when you want to, make each other laugh.  The best moments are captured when you are having fun and just being YOU!