Tips for GREAT Maternity Photos!


I'm so excited about your upcoming Maternity Photo Session!  I hope you are too!  We will have lots of FUN during your photo shoot, but it's good to be prepared and know what to expect ahead of time!  

Typically, we will be walking around and taking your photo in a few different locations, in several different poses- sometimes you'll be looking at the camera, sometimes interacting with each other.  There will be a lot of focus on the main subject- your beautiful baby bump!  I will capture many different combinations of your growing family- but if you have anything specific in mind, just ask!

It's important that you take good care of yourself before and during the photo shoot.  Here are some basic tips that you should remember:

  • SLEEP! Make sure everyone gets plenty of sleep the night before your photo session so that you will look fresh and won't have bags under your eyes. 

  • EAT!  Nothing makes a person grouchier than an empty belly, so if you want to see great smiles, be sure to have something to eat before your session!! Often times your session is scheduled around a mealtime. It's a great idea to go out to eat together after the session since you're probably going to be all dressed up!  But please please please make sure you don't show up to your session hungry!

  • DRINK! People look their best when they are well-hydrated!  Drink plenty of water in the days approaching your shoot.  Feel free to bring a bottle of water to the shoot, because you may get thirsty. Believe me, it’s more challenging work than you would expect!

  • PRIMPING! Take extra time to get ready for your photos. This applies to guys too!  Pay attention to every detail, such as having clean (or polished) nails, hair sprayed enough that it will stay in place, and clean, pressed clothing that doesn't reveal your underclothes. Ladies, make sure that your face make-up is blended into your neck so that when you look in the mirror your neck is not too white. Consider having your make-up done professionally if you aren't comfortable doing it yourself.  Bring chapstick or lip gloss to keep your lips moist.
  • BE ON TIME!  Actually, be a few minutes early!  Oftentimes, I've chosen your photo session time with the best possible natural lighting in mind.  If you are late, your session may be cut short and we won't be able to take the most advantage of the day!


Clothing tips...

Your clothing choices will make a huge impact on how great your photos turn out!  Here are some tips to get you thinking!

  • You want to be coordinated, but not matchy-matchy (no more “put everyone in white shirts and jeans!")  Instead, mix and match solids and prints and complementary color patterns!!  Be bold, but be yourselves! 

  • I usually tell ladies to pick their outfits and accessories first, and then find something that others can wear to compliment their outfit!  Be sure to choose an outfit that highlights your baby bump.  Tight-fitting tops, flowing skirts or dresses are flattering choices.

  • Search Pinterest or Google for “Maternity Photo Outfit Ideas.”  

  • Feel free to add layers- like jackets, sweaters, and scarves to add color and depth! Don't forget to incorporate jewelry and other accessories to complete your look.

  • Please avoid clothing with very small stripes or NEON colors.

  • It’s likely that we will do lots of walking during the shoot.  Choose shoes that are comfortable, but remember that your shoes will also be photographed, so they need to be thoughtfully considered as well!

  • Dress everyone appropriately for the weather to keep everyone comfortable for the duration of the session.  Make sure you will be comfortable in whatever clothing you choose, otherwise, it will show in your photos!  


If you are including siblings in the photos...

  • Don't expect young kids to be perfectly behaved for the photos- this is probably a new experience for them!  Let them be themselves so they will feel more comfortable. It's ok for them to be silly sometimes, and usually, I can capture some genuine smiles when kids are "acting crazy!"  Often times we need to "play around" for a few minutes and let them warm up to me. Please try not to get frustrated and just allow me to give them instructions. I'll always defer to you as the parent, of course, but most kiddos typically cooperate LESS when they feel like they are in trouble, or being forced to SMILE!  :)

    You might consider bringing a small treat or a small toy that might be used as a reward for good participation.  Please do not bring anything messy, or anything that might turn their mouth colors.  Fruit snacks, marshmallows, or light-colored jelly beans are a good choice!  

Yucky stuff.

I recommend bringing bug repellant since most shoots are scheduled near sunset when the bugs like to come out and play.  There is also a chance we can run into "wildlife" such as snakes so please stay aware.   You will most likely get dirty from sitting on benches, logs, or the ground etc.  If you have clothing that is delicate, please bring a towel or something to sit on.


Most of all RELAX and be ready to HAVE FUN!!! 

This is a special moment in your life so enjoy it! Don’t stress about every detail of the photos or what angle is best or if your hair is out of place.  Celebrating this special moment for your family is the most important thing that we will capture!  Don't be afraid to be yourselves- be a little silly together!  Try to ignore the camera and focus on each other! Feel free to interact with each other and make each other laugh.  The best moments are captured when you are having fun and just being YOU!