You've gotten your photo proofs!

Now what?


Photo proofs are unedited or lightly edited photos presented to you, the client, to select which photos will be included in your final gallery. These proofs are low-resolution previews and are not good for sharing or printing. Please don't screenshot or post your proofs. Don't worry, you'll have your final edits in no time!

I've taken the first pass at selecting the best photos from your session and now it's up to you to select the photos you would like me to edit! After all, you're the best judge of your own photos! This gives you ultimate control of the images you receive in your final gallery and helps ensure that you receive your images back as quickly as possible, as I won't be spending time editing photos that you don't absolutely love.



How to access your photo proofs...


1. Click the link to your proof gallery(sent to you in an email or text.)

2. Sign in to Adobe. If you don't have an Adobe account, you can create an account or sign in using Apple, Google, or Facebook.

3. Pick your favorites by clicking the heart 🩶 in the lower left corner. You can also leave comments if there is any feedback you'd like to share.

4. Let me know when you are finished selecting your favorites so I can begin your final edits!



How to pick your favorites...

Pass #1: Look through all the photos one time before you "like" any of them.

Pass #2: Then, the second time through, make your initial decisions. Go ahead and "like" any photo that gives you a good vibe, a warm fuzzy, or makes you smile.  Don’t focus on technical elements such as lighting, colors, and background elements etc, those can all be changed (see below). The impulse to select a photo should be a gut reaction. You might end up selecting everything – that’s fine.

Pass #3: Finally, take a last pass through and "unlike" any that you don't really love or any photos that are very similar to another one that you liked. You won't print or post multiple photos that are nearly identical, so make the choice now which one you prefer most. Now you should have a unique collection of all your favorite photos! Don't forget to let me know when you are finished with your selections,



What will be edited?


In the final editing process, I will correct color, lighting, contrast, and composition as well as remove any blemishes, stray hairs, and other distractions in the photo. If there is anything specific that you want edited, you can leave a comment on the photo to make your request. Below are some examples of photos before and after they have been edited.

Removed stray hairs, smoothed skin, and adjusted lighting and color.

Removed distractions from the background and adjusted lighting and color.

Removed distractions in the photo, decreased glasses glare, and adjusted lighting and contrast.


Adjusted lighting, contrast, and color and added dramatic sky.