Tips for Great Senior Portraits!


I'm so excited about your upcoming Senior Photo Session!  I hope you are too!  We will have lots of FUN during your photo shoot, but it's good to be prepared and know what to expect ahead of time!  

Typically, we will be walking around and taking your photo in a few different locations, in several different poses- sitting, standing, squatting, etc.  Sometimes you'll be looking at the camera, sometimes not. I will try to capture many different aspects of your personality, but if you have anything specific in mind, just ask!

It's important that you take good care of yourself before and during the photoshoot.

Take extra time in getting ready for your photos.  Pay attention to every detail!  Here are some basic tips that you should remember:



Make sure you get at least 2 nights of good sleep before your photo session so that you will look fresh and won't have bags under your eyes. Beauty sleep is real!


Food & Water.

Your skin looks best when you are hydrated!  Drink plenty of water in the days approaching your shoot.  Bring a bottle of water with you to the shoot.  Don’t forget to eat something before your shoot.  It doesn't hurt to pack a light snack, just in case.  Often times your session is scheduled around meal time so you might need to plan accordingly. Please please please make sure you don't show up to your session hungry!


Hair Care.

If you plan on cutting or coloring your hair or getting a new style, also allow at least a week to get used to the style. Bring hair spray to tame flyaways!  If you have longer hair, consider starting the session with your hair down, and bring stuff to put your hair up for a different look halfway through the session.



I suggest a maximum of 4 outfits for a 2 hour shoot.  One outfit for each 30 minutes is typically a good rule to follow.  Choose clothes that reflect your style.  My recommendation is to choose at least one solid-colored shirt, for a timeless, classic look.  Avoid neon colors or very small prints.  Dresses, skirts, and shorts look great in photos but sometimes limit the poses you can do.  You may want to have at least one outfit with pants or jeans to make sure that you have plenty of options when it comes to posing.  Make sure to choose pants that you are comfortable sitting or squatting in... so not too tight.  :)

Kylie-3Kylie-3 Brady-15Brady-15 Avery.-88Avery.-88 Izzy-45Izzy-45 Paige-71Paige-71

Layers, like scarves, vests, and jackets look great in photos and can easily be taken off/ put on to vary the look.  Bold accessories or jewelry can really add to your photos!  Hats can also add variety! For each outfit, put your accessories in a zip lock bag and attach them to the hanger.  

Brynne-135Brynne-135 Becca-118Becca-118 Noah-37Noah-37 Miah edit-1Miah edit-1


Have your clothes and accessories ready the night before your shoot.  Clothes should be clean and free of wrinkles. Make sure to try on each outfit at home to see if it looks the way you want.  Check to be sure you don't have any undergarments showing or dramatic tan lines that will show with the different outfits you are going to wear.

**There may not always be a convenient place to change clothes. Consider wearing a bottom layer that you can leave on to change clothes in public (ie. tank top, spandex, shorts).  It's a good idea to bring a big blanket that we can hold up if you have to change in a public area.

It’s likely that we will do lots of walking during the shoot.  Choose shoes that are comfortable, but remember that your shoes will also be photographed, so they need to be thoughtfully considered as well! 

If you have any questions about your clothing choices, feel free to reach out!  I'm happy to give guidance.  



You are welcome to bring props to use in your photos (sports gear, letter jacket, instruments, or any favorite stuff that reflects who you are right now!) 

Chat with me about any ideas that you have! 

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Your make-up should be natural and just slightly heavier than daily wear for photos.  Don't use too much make-up trying to hide blemishes. It will be easier for me to retouch your prints if you keep a more natural look.  Make sure that your face make-up is blended into your neck so that when you look in the mirror there is not a drastic color change.   If you're not comfortable with makeup, consider having your make-up done professionally. 

Bring chapstick or lip gloss to keep your lips moist.  



Girls, bring your make-up, hair spray and a small mirror to do touch-ups during outfit changes.  Oil blotting sheets or sheer powder are great to avoid a shiny face.



If you wear glasses, see if you can bring an extra pair of frames without lenses. Many Optometrists will allow you to borrow a pair of frames for your Senior pictures.


Bring a friend.  

Or your mom, or any other favorite person (or pet!) that inspires you to be yourself!  This is up to you, but sometimes helps with ideas and makes it more fun!!  If you want them in a few photos, be sure to let me know!  

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Yucky stuff.

I recommend bringing bug repellant since most shoots are scheduled near sunset when the bugs like to come out and play.  There is also a chance we can run into "wildlife" such as snakes so please stay aware.   You will most likely get dirty from sitting on benches, logs, etc.  If you have clothing that is delicate, please bring a towel or something to sit on. 



We will take your portrait with and without you smiling.  If you don't like your smile or are not used to being photographed, get in front of a mirror and practice it.  Once you like a smile, close your eyes and smile, and then open your eyes to see if it looks the way you want. Try getting used to how it feels to smile the way you think you look best. 


Most of all RELAX and be ready to HAVE FUN!!!